A Listener’s Guide to Developer Flow

Getting into the right state of mind is crucial for the rest of the day’s work productivity - and what better way to stay focused than by listening to your favorite music? One phrase we like to use to refer to our development team’s unbreakable focus is their “developer flow”. They stay in the zone for hours on end, headphones in, cranking out amazing work. So this week, we picked out a few of our developers to share their playlists with us and tell us what songs keep them in their “flow”.

Justin Cruz


Miles Gordenker


Shannon Craven


Kenny Higginbotham


Andrew Gerst
(sometimes you can’t just pick one!)

Music2                  music7

Lars Wiersholm



What music brings you inspiration during your work day? Let us know! Hopefully you found a few more songs to keep you in your “flow”...

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