Why join Passport?

Passport's purpose is to make the transit and parking process effortless through the combination of innovation and technology. The journey thus far for us has been exciting, fast and incredibly successful. However, none of this would have been possible without the passion, curiosity, vision and hard work of our awesome team. Our employees are thought leaders in the software, parking, and transit industries and strive to push the boundaries of our technical capabilities on a daily basis. This is because our teammates are constantly thinking forward, sharing ideas, teaching others, learning new skills and building relationships. Due to our continued success, Passport is steadily growing and is seeking outside-of-the-box thinkers and doers to join the team!


About us

Passport is a software development company based in Charlotte, NC with a passion for building software that makes the transit and parking process easy and convenient. We take pride in the quality of the technology that we build and the long-term relationships that we cultivate in the industry. We like to dress casually, we value autonomy and results, and we all treat each other like family. We are growing (very) rapidly due to these qualities and every employee here has a significant impact on our business.

How we do it

Our success is based on building and delivering high quality software products combined with providing unsurpassed customer service. How do we do it? We innovate, build, break, innovate again, drive for results and do all of this while working as a combined force. We are an all-hands-on-deck company and encourage you to get involved in any way you’d like outside of your primary tasks. Every group has an area of overlapping responsibility throughout the lifecycle to ensure that both the client and user experience is flawless. We have also purposefully designed our workplace to reflect our belief in open communication and shared responsibility. 

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Share your ideas

We encourage every Passport team member to expand outside of his or her primary role and come up with new ideas to share with the team. Whether it is a technology idea, culture idea, hiring idea, or any other type of solution, we ask that you bring your talents and thoughts to the table. We grew as a company by being open-minded to doing things differently than yesterday while improving the skills that helped us evolve to our current level of success. We give you the power to lead initiatives that the team agrees will benefit the company as a whole. After all, it isn’t just about pitching ideas. It is about bringing your ideas to life and empowering you to make lasting changes on our company.

Be yourself

Everyone at Passport is a little different from the next and we like it that way. There isn’t a dress code and we consider ourselves pretty casual. Piercings and tattoos aren’t uncommon underneath the Passport roof. Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, and hats are all common occurrences. Each individual here respects the other regardless of his or her different style, background, ideas, or role. Passport values diversity in all forms, be it ethnicity, cultural background, geographic upbringing, beliefs, personal style, orientation. Everyone here has the same end-goal in mind: to create and build the best company in our industry while constructing the most fun environment you could work in. All that we ask is that you pitch in with the same effort, respect your teammates, and have an awesome time while contributing!

Join Our Team

Please take a look at the job descriptions below if you are interested in joining our team and submit your resume to employment@gopassport.com. Don't forget to tell us which position you are interested in, what about Passport caught your eye, and why you would be a great fit for our environment. Lastly, pat yourself on the back for applying to an awesome company!