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Passport’s Mobile Pay service blends state-of-the-art technology with a complete suite of mobile payment options to offer the quickest and most intuitive mobile parking payment service on the market. By providing a mobile pay service that allows customers to pay for parking in under 2 minutes, it’s easy to see what PassportParking is the highest rated mobile parking payments application.

At Passport, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile when it comes to security. Our Mobile Pay service is certified as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) Service Level 1 by a third-party Qualified Security Assessor. You can rest assured that with us, your data (and your customers' data) is safe. Learn more about Passport's security standards on our PCI Compliance + page

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How Can Users Pay with their Phones using PassportParking?

Pay By App

Pay By App 

Available for download on iOS and Android devices, the PassportParking app is the most popular Mobile Pay option. Parking customers can use the mobile app to start or extend a parking session, add or update payment card details, electronically validate their parking, as well as manage notification and receipt options.

Pay By Web

Pay By App

PassportParking’s Mobile Web gives users all the features of the mobile app through any web browser on any device. By navigating to, parking customers can use the mobile app to start or extend a parking session, add or update payment card details, electronically validate their parking, manage notification and receipt options, and even view and print individual or sets of their previous parking transactions.

Pay By Voice

Pay By App

No need for a smart phone! With the Pay by Voice option, Passport Mobile Pay provides greater accessibility to users. By dialing into the local phone number listed on PassportParking signage, parking customers can register for the Mobile Pay service, start or extend parking sessions, and add payment card details.

Pay By Text

Pay By App

No need for a smart phone! With the Pay by Text option, Passport Mobile Pay provides greater accessibility to users. Where available, parking customers can pay for parking by texting their zone number, space or license plate number, and the amount of time they wish to stay to the phone number listed on PassportParking signage.

Features Unique to Passport Mobile Pay Include:

Electronic Validation

Passport Mobile Pay is the only service to offer electronic merchant validation. Our system allows local merchants the ability to offer discounted parking to customers visiting their business - increasing foot traffic for the merchant and occupancy for the parking operator. 

One-touch Facebook Login

Customers can skip filling out forms when registering with our one-touch login. Customers can tap the "Login with Facebook" button in the app and PassportParking will pull registration info straight from their Facebook profile. No worries though, Passport doesn't share this information with anyone and we won't post anything on your wall. 

Wallet System

With Passport's Wallet system, when a customer pays for parking, the transaction is deducted from a pre-funded account rather than charging their credit/debit card, resulting in lower merchant processing fees. In contrast to other wallet systems, Passport's system is closed-loop, meaning the money is held by the parking operator, not the mobile pay provider or an escrow service. 

Multiple Languages Capability

Any language can be added to Passport's Mobile Pay service. The mobile application and website will detect the language to which the phone is set and the integrated voice systems can provide multiple language options. Non-English speakers using the Mobile Pay service will enjoy a comfortable and seamless parking experience from end-to-end.

Passport Mobile Pay is great for . . .

. . . Parking Operators

For parking operators, Mobile Pay has been proven to boost your bottom line. With Mobile Pay, customers no longer think about how much cash they have, but how much time they need. This leads to customers purchasing longer parking sessions to ensure they have enough time to avoid receiving a citation. Operators also experience significant cost savings through reduced maintenance (such as coin collection, service, vandalism, and theft).

  • No Initial Capital Outlays
  • Increased Revenues
  • Reduced Maintenance Expenses
  • More Efficient & Effective Monitoring
  • 'Future-proofed' Parking Technology

. . . Parking Customers

For parking customers, Passport’s Mobile Pay service is not only easy to use, but it’s incredibly convenient for parking customers. Your customers can extend their time remotely, which means they no longer have to return to the meter to add more time! Customers also have the ability to receive reminders before their parking sessions ends and easily view or print parking receipts from their personal parker management account page

  • Eliminates the need for cash
  • Add more time from anywhere
  • Receive reminders
  • View/print parking receipts online
  • Safe & Secure payments


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