The industry's only closed-loop wallet system, for maximum operator control.
Passport’s Prepaid Wallet provides your parking customers the ability add and store prepaid funds in their account. When they pay using the Prepaid Wallet, the transaction is simply deducted from their pre-funded account rather than being charged to a credit or debit card. This provides for a method of payment that lowers costs, offers more control, and increases customer loyalty over typical card-present situations.

Immediately Lower Your Costs

Passport’s Prepaid Wallet significantly reduces costs through lower merchant processing fees. By only charging the parking customer’s credit card when loading a balance, rather than with each individual transaction, card processing fees are spread out over a larger number of transactions. 

Let's do the math!

A parking customer parks 10 times and pays $1.00 for parking each time. Let’s use typical card not present processing fees at 3% + $0.30.
Keep Your Cash With You

A key differentiator of Passport’s Prepaid Wallet system is that these merchant processing savings go to you. Not Passport. When a customer parks, the money goes straight to your account. No waiting for funds or calculating receivable days. This stands in stark contrast to other mobile payment wallets that operate on open-loop systems, where software providers or escrow companies are the ones holding the funds. 

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