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Private Label Mobile Pay

Introducing Passport’s Private Label Mobile Pay service,

a custom mobile payment service designed just for you. Every application is capable of addressing your facility’s specific needs, whether it’s increasing revenue, raising visibility of your brand, adding value for your customers, or improving ease of use. With Passport Private Label, our clients receive all the benefits of custom software without any of the risks.

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Your Brand. Your App.

Your brand is important. With PassportParking’s Private Label application service, you can further develop your brand identity, creating a higher level of customer awareness and loyalty. This increased awareness and loyalty will drive revenues through increased adoption and repeat usage.

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Custom-tailored, Not One Size Fits All

Private Label means more than just branding. We understand that no two parking operators are the same, so every custom mobile payment service can be built to fit the needs of that specific client. Whether this means creating new features or simply modifying existing logic, PassportParking’s Private Label application service is designed to solve those issues that are unique to your facility.

Lower Merchant Processing Fees

We create a conduit for you to control costs by managing your own accounts and funds. Account-based parking has been proven to dramatically lower your merchant processing costs through our closed loop wallet system. In addition, you can also manage refunds and any special promotions tied to this system.

Lower Merchant Processing Fees
Complete Control of Messaging

Complete Control of Messaging

You’ll no longer have to leave the messaging of your mobile payment system in someone else’s hands. Since its your application, you have complete control. This means you control every word in your app, every language you want supported, the voice on the IVR system, even the lockout message for special events.

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A Proven & Secure System

All of our Private Label applications are built on Passport’s PCI-DSS Service Level 1-certified Mobile Pay service. This service maintains certification through quarterly audits by an independent third-party organization. You can rest assured the framework of your Private Label application has been proven not only in testing, but in hundreds of thousands of real world transactions. Learn more about Passport security on our PCI Compliance + page


Learn how Passport's Private Label Mobile Pay can help your city.