For Immediate Release

CHARLOTTE, NC - Passport, a leading provider of integrated urban mobility solutions, has announced the upcoming release of Tele-Passport, the world’s first proven teleportation application.

Passport brought its first mobile application to market in 2011, where it focused on payments for metered parking. Since then, it has expanded its product and service portfolio to include transit initiatives, deploying North America’s first combined urban mobility applications offering both parking and transit payment and trip planning options. The Company now powers the largest urban mobility application deployments in North America in cities such as Chicago, Boston and Toronto.

“To date, getting from point A to point B has required either using a vehicle or public transit - markets that Passport has served over the last few years,” said Khristian Gutierrez, CBDO at Passport, “it was a natural next step for Passport to introduce a third, more efficient form of private transportation. Using Tele-Passport will allow commuters the unique opportunity to travel with the push of a button.”

Tele-Passport is currently in beta test and has been providing Passport employees with reliable transportation to-and-from the office and to regional business meetings for the last six months. Currently, the Tele-Passport service has been stress-tested to transport humans a distance of 150 miles in a matter of minutes.

“We had a few bugs early on, nothing more than a few lost pairs of shoes and sunglasses, but have brought the system to a stable branch at this point,” said Brad Powers, CTO at Passport, “Our development team has been hard at work building and deploying this application, and we’re thrilled to bring it to market.”

Tele-Passport will be released to 175 beta testers this Spring. Users will be able to take advantage of the new service by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play, as well as by dialing in via a touch tone phone.  

About Passport

Passport is the industry-leading mobile payments company specializing in integrated urban mobility solutions. The company provides feature rich software platforms that offer parking and transit agencies a more effective and efficient way to manage their operations and serve their customers. Passport’s mobile payment systems are deployed in over 1,000 locations in 43 states and provinces across the US and Canada, with clients such as Chicago, Toronto and Boston.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Passport is backed by a highly respected group of investors, including Grotech Ventures and Relevance Capital. For more information, please visit