Top 3 Mobile App Trends of 2015

Top 3 Mobile App Trends of 2015
(and to keep an eye on in 2016)

2015 was the year of awesome mobile apps. We’ve seen apps continue to break boundaries not only in convenience, but with innovations in features that make our lives all too simple (but hey, we’re not complaining). But what were the biggest mobile app trends of 2015? We sat down with our software development team to get their thoughts, and they shared their top picks with us:

1. Location Aware Apps

This was on the top of everyone’s list. Location aware apps have been huge in 2015, helping apps reach their users exactly when and where they want to. Whether it be with geolocation or beacon technology, apps have taken advantage of this exciting way to reach users at the right time. Foursquare is a great example. Foursquare uses geo-fencing technology to determine when you enter a store or restaurant, and then sends a push notification directly to your phone. Foursquare has teamed up with Yelp! to send you a push notification of a Yelp! review for that specific establishment. This is extremely convenient when you’re eating at a restaurant for the first time - it’s a menu recommendation sent right to your phone!

Location-based technology has also begun encouraging users to download apps for the first time. Location-based app suggestions, seen with Apple’s “Suggested Apps”, is a new feature for iOS 8 users. This feature provides surface app suggestions on the bottom left screen of your locked iPhone depending on your location. While it also suggests apps already downloaded on your phone (like my example at Passport HQ below), it can be extremely useful in tipping off users to helpful apps. For example, suggesting an app that can be used on a city’s transit line, and seeing that app suggested when you’re at the light rail station.


lock screen


2. In-App Purchases

Did you know that Candy Crush players spent $1.3 billion on in-app purchases in 2014? The numbers for 2015 surely won’t disappoint.

In-app purchases allow you to buy subscriptions or extra content (like in-game currency, a full game unlock, or bonus content) right in the app. This has been a game changer (no pun intended) for apps like Candy Crush, where users can make purchases to help them beat a certain level.

Besides gaming apps like these, users can renew subscriptions, purchase season passes, etc. in other apps on their phone.

3. Wearable Tech

Wearable tech has received quite a bit of attention in 2015. With this technology, your favorite apps can now be accessed and worn fashionably on your wrist. Wearable tech provides the user with a completely connected experience, with many including smart sensors, making use of web connection, and utilizing Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your smartphone.

This can be seen with smartwatches, which is sure to grow in popularity in 2016. Check your email, scroll through your Twitter feed, and see what’s new on Facebook more conveniently than ever before.

Besides you wrist, wearable tech can be seen as glasses, a part of your shoes, or clipped to your pants. The possibilities are endless.

2015 has been an impressive year in the world of mobile apps. We’re sure that these innovative trends will continue to grow in popularity throughout the next year, and we look forward to seeing the new mobile app innovations 2016 will bring.

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